TCR Service Award

The Technical Committee on Research (TCR) Service Award was established in 2008 to recognize those who have contributed outstanding technical service to the Association through activity in a research committee. Nominees must be senior members with at least five years of continuous membership in AATCC.

Selection is by unanimous choice of the TCR Service Award Committee, composed of the current Chair of Technical Committee on Research (TCR), Vice Chair of TCR, Chair of the Executive Committee on Research (ECR) and the Secretary of TCR. Up to two awards may be given each year.

The Award consists of a plaque and a US$500 honorarium, presented at the AATCC International Conference. Recipients also receive full complimentary conference registration for themselves and a guest.


  • Senior member of AATCC
  • At least five years of continuous membership
  • Outstanding technical service contributions through research committee activity within the past five years


TCR Award nomination form due March 31.

2020: R. Stephen (Steve) Simonson
Simonson is being recognized for his long-time leadership of RA106 UV Protective Textiles Test Methods Committee, including assisting with revising AATCC Test Method 183 in coordination with related ASTM standards, publication of a compilation document, and development of a verification fabric.

2019: Gina Sloan
For her leadership of AATCC’s RA31 Antimicrobial Activity Test Methods research committee.

2018: Lisa Earnshaw
For leading thorough reviews and revisions of AATCC Test Method 8 and Test Method 61.

2017: Carla MacClamrock, Cotton Incorporated
Contributed toward the development of a new test method for formaldehyde determination.

2016: Paul Johnson, 3M (retired)
Development of the new Stain Release Replica for AATCC Test Method 130 and other contributions during his many years as a chair of AATCC RA56 Stain Resistance Test Methods.

2014: Kenneth Greeson, Cotton Incorporated
Toward a major revision of AATCC Test Method 97 under the auspices of AATCC Committee RA34

2014: Adam R. Varley, VarTest Laboratories
Toward the development of the AATCC Fiber ID Technical Supplement and the continuous updating of AATCC Test Methods 20 and 20A

2013: Gregory Haggquist, Cocona Inc.
Development toward two new drying rate test methods (Test Methods 200 and 201) under the auspices of AATCC Committee RA63

2012: Richard Slomko, Atlas Materials Testing Technology LLC
Toward the major revision of AATCC Test Method 16, Colorfastness to Light, into three parts for better clarification

2011: Roland L. Connelly Sr., RoLyn Group Consulting
Development and execution of the AATCC UV Calibration Program and Evaluation Procedure 11

2011: Norma M. Keyes, Keyes Consulting
Development of the Liquid Moisture Management Test Method and Moisture Management Technical Supplement

2010: Luther M. Myers, Test Materials Consulting
Over a decade as chair/acting chair of AATCC RA33, Colorfastness to Atmospheric Contaminants Test Methods

2009: Adi B. Chehna, Textile Tech Services
As chair of AATCC Committee RA99, Technical Manual Editorial Review

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