AATCC Local Sections Updates

4/29/2021: Piedmont – The Manufacturing and Textile Innovation Network’s (MTIN) vision is to create an end-to-end matchless resource for diversified manufacturing, applied research and development, textile and product testing, prototyping, business incubation and training.

3/25/2021: New England – TOPIC: Past  to Present – New innovations in Durable Press Finishing for Cotton! Speaker: Ken Greeson, Cotton Incorporated

3/24/2021: Piedmont – Piedmont Section Officers’ Meeting Minutes

1/28/2021: NY-Metro – AATCC Members Event: Design Considerations for Reusable Consumer Masks. Lexie Sachs is Textiles Director at Good Housekeeping, where she tests and reports on all fabric-based consumer products including clothing, footwear, bedding, towels and more.

11/19/2020: NY-Metro – Chair Patrick Ayers lead a Zoom call to check-in with each other, discuss how people are adapting—what is working (and what is not)—and do a little networking. Section members discussed having regular check-ins at different days/times, and getting speakers for the next Zoom call about Consumer Face Coverings.



sectionsThe AATCC California section includes members in California.

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Chair: Steve Richardson (West Coast Brands Solution Manager, Archroma)
Vice-Chair: Farhan Patel (Marketing Consultant, LA Fashion Week)
Secretary: Joanne Brasch, PhD (Special Projects Manager, California Product Stewardship Council)
Treasurer: Stephanie Ritten (Fabric Developer, Levi Strauss & Co.)


AATCC California aims to be an inclusive community for textile industry professionals within California. In order to engage with as many professionals and students across the disciplines of textiles, the vision for the AATCC California section is to be founded by 7 Pillars: Color Perception; Laboratory Testing; Regulatory/Compliance; Chemical Applications; Sustainability; Technology/Wearable Electronics; and Education/Student Engagement

All of the pillars have the same 4 objectives:
Education: To increase knowledge of materials and textiles.
Research: To encourage in any practical way, research work on textile design and coloration, chemical processes, and materials of importance to the textile industry.
Communication: To establish for the members channels by which the interchange of professional and technical knowledge among them may be increased.
Promotion: To promote the knowledge of textiles, materials, dyestuffs, and chemicals as related to the various trades in the California and provide meetings of interest in harmony with the objectives of the National Association.

Delaware Valley

sectionsThe AATCC Delaware Valley section includes members in Delaware, Maryland, Southern New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.



Chair: Christina Rapa, W L Gore
Vice Chair: Sarah Plautz, W L Gore
Secretary: Kathy Zetune, The Lycra Company
Treasurer: John Dempsey, J S Vila Co

Sectional Committee:
Ray Haslam, Wolfe Dye & Bleach
Kelly Cobb, University of Delaware
Kanti Jasani, PTCC
Janet Brady, Thos Jefferson University
Craig Lindeman, W L Gore
Dave Fenstermaker, Huntsman LLC
Mustafa Arifoglu, W L Gore


sectionsThe AATCC India section includes the entire country, including the southern region previously covered by the Kongu section.



Chair: Charan Singh, TUV Rheinland (India) Pvt. Ltd.

New England


The AATCC New England section includes members in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.



Chair: David Trumbull, Agathon Associates
Vice-Chair: Richard Malachowski, University of Rhode Island
Treasurer: Debra Chronicle, SGS Consumer Testing Services
Secretary: Bethany Pollack, Draper Knitting Company
Technical Program Chair: Heidi Carvalho

Executive Committee Members: Carl Fortin, Clariant Corp; Mary Reardon, Tweave; Rich Malachowski; Jack Bare
Regional Board Member: Martin Bide


sectionsThe AATCC Northwest section includes members in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.



Chair:  Shannon Redell, Columbia Sportswear
Vice-Chair: Susan Sokolowski, University of Oregon
Treasurer:  Kham Viengkham, Nike
Secretary: Jo Anne Surerus, Pendleton
Program Chair, Seattle: Kevin Bengston, Thermetrics
Program Chair, Portland: Nancy PeBenito, Consultant
Membership Chair: Susan Matter, Nordstrom


The AATCC Ozarks (formerly Gulf Coast) section includes members in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Oklahoma.




Chair (Pro Tem): Andrew N. Fraser, InMocean Group
Vice-Chair: Susan Esche (retired)
Secretary: Bao Yang
Treasurer: Ashley Handley


The AATCC Piedmont section includes members in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.



Chair: John Crocker, Business Development Mgr., SDL Atlas
Vice Chair: Buddy Garrett, Assoc. Dir., Textile Chemistry Research, Cotton, Incorporated
Secretary: Heather Johnson, Dyehouse Systems Mgr., Elevate Textiles (American & Efird)
Treasurer: Billy Gardner, National Sales Rep., DyStar
Regional Board Member (Midsouth Region): Nelson Houser
Scholarship Committee: Billy Gardner (Chair),  Lee Lemere, Mandi Strickland, Len Farias, Ann Laidlaw
Membership Chair: Bill Stuckey


The AATCC Texas section includes members in Texas.

Social Media:
Instagram: AATCC TEXAS
Twitter: @AATCC_Texas
Facebook: AATCC Texas Section
LinkedIn: AATCC Texas Section



Section Chair:           Harrie P. Schoots
Section Vice-Chair:   OPEN POSITION
Section Secretary:    OPEN POSITION
Section Social Media Chair: ACTIVELY SEEKING (Email Here) Students welcome!


The AATCC Pacific section is currently INACTIVE. The section included members in Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

Contact  Manisha Patel to switch your section affiliation. If you would like to help reactivate this section, contact Maria Thiry.


The AATCC Midwest section is currently INACTIVE. The section included members in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Contact Manisha Patel to switch your section affiliation. If you would like to help reactivate this section, contact Maria Thiry.


The AATCC Southeast section is currently INACTIVE. The section included members in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee.

This section is currently inactive. AATCC members within its geographic bounds may choose to participate in the Piedmont section. Contact Manisha Patel to switch your section affiliation.

If you would like to help reactivate this section, contact Maria Thiry.

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