ASTM International’s Committee D13 develops test methods and specifications for textile materials. In general, AATCC methods tend to focus on colorfastness, wet testing, and chemical analysis. ASTM tests evaluate physical properties of textiles.

AATCC and ASTM have published several joint Testing Supplements. These supplements are compilations of procedures and guidelines for textile products, not yet included in the official AATCC Manual of International Test Methods and Procedures or Annual Book of ASTM Standards. Some are based on long standing industry practices or protocols developed by specific companies for in-house use.

AATCC/ASTM Technical Supplement

Moisture Management Technical Supplement

AATCC incorporates ASTM methods in most of its Test Method Training programs. You can also purchase the Textiles volumes (7.01 & 7.02) of the Annual Book of ASTM Standards from AATCC.

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