Olney Medal

The Olney Medal signifies outstanding achievement in textile chemistry, or in polymer or other fields of major importance to textile sciences and fibrous materials. This also includes the development of chemical agents or chemical processes used in the manufacture of textiles, fibrous materials, or methods for their evaluation.

The Olney Medal is the Associations’ highest scientific award. It was established in 1944 as a testimonial to Dr. Louis Atwell Olney, founder of AATCC, in recognition of his lifetime of devotion and multitudinous contributions to the field of textile chemistry. This award is given to encourage and afford public recognition of such achievements and contributions.

The candidate does not necessarily have to be a member of AATCC, but should have made a significant contribution to chemistry as it relates to the textile sciences.

The award, a gold medal, a scroll, and an honorarium, is presented at AATCC’s Textile Discovery Summit. The Olney Address is also given by the award recipient at the Summit and published in AATCC Review.

Olney Award Nomination Form

Submit nomination letter or completed form to:

Diana A. Wyman
PO Box 12215
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2215

email: diana@aatcc.org
phone: +1 919 549 3532
fax: +1 919 549 8933

Below are past recipients of the Olney Medal.
Also, from NCSU: Olney Medalists 1944-1968

2019: H. Kenneth Greeson, Cotton Incorporated (Olney Address) (Video) (Magazine)
2018: Howard Malpass, Denim Dyeing Technical Service LLC (Olney Address) (Video)
2017: Peter Hauser, North Carolina State University (Olney Address)
2016: Gang Sun, University of California, Davis (Olney Address)
2015: Fred L. Cook, Georgia Institute of Technology (Olney Address) (Video)
2014: S. Haig Zeronian, University of California, Davis (Olney Address) (Video)
2013: John Richard Aspland, Clemson University (Olney Address)
2012: Charles Q. Yang, The University of Georgia (Olney Address) (Video)
2011: Martin Bide, University of Rhode Island (Olney Address)
2010: Ian R. Hardin, The University of Georgia (Olney Address)
2009: S. Kay Obendorf, Cornell University (Olney Address)
2008: David Malcolm Lewis, University of Leeds (Olney Address)
2007: C. Brent Smith, North Carolina State University
2006: Keith R. Beck, North Carolina State University (Olney Address)
2005: Rolf G. Kuehni, North Carolina State University
2004: Harold S. Freeman, North Carolina State University (Olney Address)
2003: Howard L. Needles, Consultant
2002: Max A. Weaver, Consultant
2001: George L. Baughman, University of Georgia
2000: Tyrone Vigo, US Department of Agriculture
1999: Warren S. Perkins, University of Georgia
1998: Joseph C. Shivers, DuPont
1997: Hans H. Kuhn, Milliken Research Corp. (Olney Address)
1996: Wayne C. Tincher, Georgia Institute of Technology
1995: Vivian T. Stannett, North Carolina State University (Olney Address)
1994: J. Nolan Etters, University of Georgia
1993: Herbert T. Pratt, DuPont Co. (Olney Address)
1992: Bethlehem K. Andrews, US Department of Agriculture
1991: Robert J. Harper Jr., US Department of Agriculture
1990: Hans-Dietrich H. Weigmann, Textile Research Institute
1989: J. Lee Rush, AlliedSignal Inc.
1988: Martin K. Lindemann, Consultant (Olney Address)
1987: Ludwig Rebenfeld, Textile Research Institute
1986: Melvin D. Hurwitz, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
1985: Stanley P. Rowland, US Department of Agriculture
1984: Ralph McGregor, North Carolina State University
1983: Theodore F. Cooke, Textile Research Institute
1982: Stephen B. Sello, J. P. Stevens & Co.
1981: Mathias J. Schuler, DuPont Co.
1980: Roland E. Derby Jr., Derby Co.
1979: Joseph W. Gibson Jr., DuPont Co.
1978: Dmitry M. Gagarine, Milliken Research Corp.
1977: James M. Straley, Tennessee Eastman Co.
1976: George L. Drake Jr., US Department of Agriculture
1975: R. Lee Wayland Jr., Dan River Inc.
1974: Henry A. Rutherford, North Carolina State University
1973: Herman B. Goldstein, Sun Chemical Corp. (Olney Address)
1972: Victor S. Salvin, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Olney Address)
1971: Ernest R. Kaswell, Fabric Research Laboratories
1970: Paul L. Meunier, DuPont Co.
1969: D. Donald Gagliardi, Gagliardi Research Corp.
1968:Harold P. Lundgren, US Department of Agriculture
1967: Edwin I. Stearns, American Cyanamid Co.
1966: Wilson A. Reeves, US Department of Agriculture
1965: Herman F. Mark, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
1964: Richard O. Steele, Rohm and Haas Co.
1963: Giuliana C. Tesoro, J. P. Stevens & Co.
1962: Charles F. Goldthwait, North Carolina State College
1961: Fred Fortess, Celanese Corp. of America
1960: Arnold M. Sookne, Harris Research Laboratories
1959: Emery I. Valko, Lowell Technological Institute
1958: Henry E. Millson, American Cyanamid Co.
1957: P. J. Wood, Royce Chemical Co.
1956: Walter J. Hamburger, Fabric Research Laboratories
1955: Miles A. Dahlen, DuPont Co.
1954: William D. Appel, National Bureau of Standards
1953: Roland E. Derby Sr., Derby Co.
1952: Werner von Bergen, Forstmann Woolen Co.
1951: Raymond W. Jacoby, Ciba Co.
1950: George L. Royer, American Cyanamid Co.
1949: Charles A. Seibert, DuPont Co.
1948: Harold M. Chase, Dan River Mills
1947: Edward R. Schwarz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1946: William H. Cady, US Finishing Co.
1945: Milton Harris, Milton Harris Associates
1944: Louis Atwell Olney

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