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  • Consumers, Apparel, and Sustainability

    Guest September 10, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    By James W. Krueger, Head of Brand Solution at Sanitized AG Defining Sustainability The last 18 months have revealed how fragile and yet how resilient the economies of the world can be. The economic impact of a global pandemic has helped reinforce the revised definition of sustainability. The term sustainability was synonymous with environmentalism in […]

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  • AATCC Committee Meetings: Connect, Meet, Attend

    Erika Simmons September 7, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    AATCC Committees provide the helping hands, hearts, and minds that bring textile industry standards to life.  Each year, AATCC committees provide groundbreaking standards and conferences that fill urgent gaps in the industry. More than 40 AATCC committees will meet this fall to develop test methods, conferences, and other educational programs or publications. When you connect […]

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  • Cotton: The New Generation

    Guest August 27, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    By Kim Anderson Cotton has always been the workhorse of fibers, making it one of the best choices for denim. It has also made an appearance on the finer side of fabrics—showing up in high end garments adorned with satin stitches, sequins, and embroidery. However, cotton has had to combat specific drawbacks that have made […]

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  • AATCC Method Quantifies Fiber Shedding

    Erika Simmons August 17, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    AATCC TM212-2021, Test Method for Fiber Fragment Release During Home Laundering, provides a standardized method for quantifying fiber fragment shedding in the ongoing challenge to combat aquatic pollution. These fragments are sometimes referred to as “microfibers” or “microplastics.” AATCC TM212 was developed to provide a means to determine the mass of fiber fragments released in […]

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  • Transparency: A Clear Foundation for Standards Development

    Erika Simmons August 4, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    By Erika Simmons, AATCC Technical Director AATCC standards are developed, specified, and performed around the world. With such a global reach, transparency must serve as the foundation for standards development.  AATCC standards adhere to the six principles defined by the World Trade Organization(WTO) for the development of international standards.  Transparency Openness Impartiality and Consensus Effectiveness […]

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  • Innovative Breathable and Sustainable Fabrics

    Maria Thiry July 26, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    Innovative Breathable and Sustainable Fabrics by Dr. Thanaseelen Rajasakran   Global warming has spawned global “heated” conversations and debates. The threat of climate change and the issue of sustainability affecting lives and livelihoods still does matter. Result: there is immense pressure on a variety of industries in terms of environmental sustainability—escalated by the influence of […]

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  • Counterfeiting: A Global Fake Out

    Erika Simmons July 8, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    Counterfeiting: A Global Fake Out By Erika Simmons   Counterfeiting and piracy are global issues. The United States, France, Switzerland, and Germany were most affected by counterfeiting activity in a 2016 study; however, increases were noted in Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, China, and other emerging markets. (OECD, 2019) Countries worldwide are impacted by product fakes […]

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  • From Hot to Cold and Cold to Hot: Fabrics that Work with your Body Temperature

    Guest June 29, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    From Hot to Cold and Cold to Hot: Fabrics that Work with your Body Temperature  By Dr. Nicola Davies   Clothing is traditionally categorized by seasons—thick insulating jackets for winter and absorbent cottons during the hot summer. However, recent advances in temperature-sensitive textiles may blur some of the traditional lines dividing consumer garments. Today, textile […]

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  • Everything the Light Touches Can Fade

    Carrie Gray June 14, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    Everything the Light Touches Can Fade By Carrie Gray   The future is as bright as the sun!  This summer, people will be putting up awnings at their campsite, pitching the game day tent with their favorite team’s colors, and relaxing on patio furniture.   Textiles encounter a variety of light that can cause color […]

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  • Designing to Biodegrade

    Diana Wyman June 1, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    Designing to Biodegrade By Fiona Forrest Planning for end of life for technical textiles is mandatory in many countries, but now some fashion designers are planning for the end of life of their garments. One method of complete disposal is biodegradation—but is a t-shirt that can biodegrade in just 12 weeks viable, and why would […]

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  • Will Your Summer Colors Hold the Whole Season?

    Diana Wyman May 10, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    Will Your Summer Colors Hold the Whole Season? By Carrie Gray   Swimsuits, towels, coverups, and other fabrics will be put to the test as more people take to the water. Testing for colorfastness to water goes beyond H2O with pools, oceans, hot tubs, rivers, and lakes. Test your fabrics with AATCC TM106 Test Method […]

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  • The Well-Heeled Traveler: Workwear

    Guest April 27, 2021 AATCC Newsletter

    The Well-Heeled Traveler: Workwear By Kim Anderson A successful fashion apparel line taps into popular trends—color, fabric, texture, and style. A quick response to these evanescent design essentials is key to survival. However, developing successful workwear uses a different set of criteria. Whether worn every day or just on the weekend, there are huge expectations […]

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