Debra HibbardNovember 19, 2020 Foundation Newsletter

This year has been a difficult one for college students. Some university campuses are closed, many courses are online rather than in-person, and student extracurricular activities are at a stand-still. For some students, COVID-19 has created a shift in the family dynamic, requiring that the student becomes the caregiver and breadwinner. The pandemic makes AATCC Foundation scholarships, fellowships, and grants even more important to students in textile programs around the country.

Earlier this year, AATCC Foundation presented two graduate fellowships and 18 undergraduate scholarships to 28 students taking textile-related programs at universities across the country. This is the highest number of scholarships AATCC Foundation has ever offered!

 This fall, AATCC Foundation begins accepting a new cycle of applications for next year’s scholarships and fellowships. Your financial support is needed more than ever! Contribute to a specific scholarship that is close to your heart (or career) or make a general donation to AATCC Foundation.


Thank you for giving; your contributions DO make a difference!


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