Harold C. Chapin Award

The Harold C. Chapin Award was established in 1958 and first awarded to Harold C. Chapin, who served as secretary of AATCC for 25 years. Dr. Chapin was cited for his example that inspired the creation of the award, for his outstanding leadership, for dignity and integrity in office, for indefatigable attention to minor detail and major policy, for advancing the Association’s objectives, for bringing national and international prestige to the Association, and for long and devoted service.

The award is presented each year to a senior member of at least twenty years continuous membership in AATCC, who has contributed outstanding service to the Association, and enabled it to attain the objects for which it was founded. Selection is by unanimous choice of the committee composed of one member from each of the Regions. Nomination is by a senior member of AATCC.

The scroll and an honorarium are presented at AATCC’s Textile Discovery Summit.

Chapin Award Nomination Form

Submit nomination letter or completed form to:

Diana A. Wyman

PO Box 12215
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2215
email: diana@aatcc.org
phone: +1 919 549 3532
fax: +1 919 549 8933

Below are past recipients of the Chapin Award.

2019: Debra F. Chronicle
2018: Sandra L. Johnson, Color Solutions International (CSI)- DyStar
2017: Karen E. Kyllo, SGS – North America, Inc.
2016: Adi B. Chehna, Textile Tech Services
2015: R. Michael Tyndall, Cotton Inc.
2014: Kanti A. Jasani, Performance & Technical Textile Consulting
2013: Robert K. Lattie, SDL Atlas
2012: R. Frederick Miller Jr., Hickory Yarns
2011: Ann Laidlaw, X-Rite
2010: Rich Malachowski, Consultant
2009: Martin J. Bide, University of Rhode Island
2008: Richard Stephen (Steve) Simonson, ITG Burlington WorldWide
2007: John A. Darsey Jr., DyStar Textilfarben GmbH
2006: Marcia L. Quinlan, Albany International Techniweave Inc.
2005: Fred L. Cook, Georgia Institute of Technology
2004: Norma Keyes, Cotton Incorporated
2003: Nelson Houser, M. Dohmen USA Inc.
2002: Charles E. Gavin III, MFG Chemical Inc.
2001: Edward W. Boland, retired
2000: Roland L. Connelly Sr., SheLyn Inc.
1999: J. Richard Aspland, Clemson University
1998: Warren S. Perkins, the University of Georgia
1997: Herbert T. Pratt, DuPont Co.
1996: C. Hugh Patrick Jr., H & M Marine Products Inc.
1995: Rhoderick R. Blue, Ivax Industries
1994: Charles J. Wolhar, Consos Inc.
1993: Samuel J. Guertin, Leatex Chemical Co.
1992: Marguerita C. Hindle, TCE Consulting Service
1991: James P. Patton Jr., Consultant
1990: Joseph S. Panto, Albany International Research Co.
1989: Reginald W. Redston, Hubbard Dyers Ltd.
1988: Andrew J. McNulty Sr., Warwick Dyeing Corp.
1987: Fernand Schlaeppi, Ciba-Geigy Corp.
1986: Donald W. Robinson, Don Robinson Associates
1985: Luther B. Arnold Jr., Vikon Chemical Co.
1984: George S. Wham, Good Housekeeping Institute and Magazine
1983: Vernon C. Smith, Collins & Aikman Corp.
1982: John J. O’Neil Jr., Soluol Chemical Co.
1981: Virgil D. Lyon, Atlas Electric Devices Co.
1980: Richard M. Jones, American Industrial Chemical Corp.
1979: Charles L. Zimmerman, American Cyanamid Co.
1978: Frederick V. Traut, Globe Dye Works
1977: John J. Hanlon, Mohasco Corp.
1976: Carl R. Teichgraber, Dominion Textile Ltd.
1975: Frank J. Rizzo, US Army Natick Development Center
1974: Patrick J. Kennedy, DuPont Co.
1973: Ernest J. Chornyei, Bradford Dyeing Association (USA) Inc.
1972: Albert H. Rant, Laurel Products Corp.
1971: Harold B. Sturtevant, Rhode Island School of Design
1970: H. Gillespie Smith, American Cyanamid Co.
1969: P. J. Fynn, JCPenney Co.
1968: Joe D. Mosheim, Crystal Springs Bleachery
1967: Percival Theel, Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science
1966: A. Henry Gaede, Laurel Products Corp.
1965: Charles A. Sylvester, DuPont Co.
1964: Joseph H. Jones, Phoenix Dye Works
1963: J. Robert Bonnar, General Aniline & Film Corp.
1962: Thomas R. Smith, Wiscassett Mills
1961: Arthur R. Thompson, Ciba Co.
1960: Leonard S. Little, Consultant

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