Week of Celebration

AATCC is celebrating 100 years of serving the textile industry! Join year-long festivities online and attend the big party in person November 15-19, 2021.

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AATCC Foundation 100 for 100

Help AATCC Foundation endow $100,000 worth of scholarships. Support the next generation of textile professionals and receive a limited-edition commemorative lapel pin.


Time Capsule

In 1964, AATCC created a time capsule that represented the American textile industry. In 2021, the capsule will be opened and the contents revealed. Plus, a new capsule will be filled to represent the modern, global textile industry!

The contents of both capsules will be shared at the Week of Celebration, November 15-19, 2021. You can get a preview by watching the videos above explaining items submitted by various members.

Pivotal Publications on Textile Chemistry

Historic research with new introductions and modern context.

Centennial Celebrations

China Textile Information Center (CTIC) wishes AATCC a Happy 100th Anniversary!

Share your own greeting! Send links or content to Diana Wyman.

Textile History

A broad overview of textile history beginning in 8000 BCE, including AATCC highlights from 1921 to today.


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